Middle school and high school students struggle with their identity. They ask a variety of questions, like "Who am I?", "What should I do with my life?", and "Where do I fit in?". The problem is compounded for Jewish youth growing up in an area where they are the minority.

The process of confirmation, and all religious school classes between 7th and 10th grades, helps Jewish young people develop a strong Jewish identity and helps them to develop the skills that they need after high school. Besides simply sitting in class, confirmation gives students a chance to interact with other students as they discuss topics and are called on to defend their beliefs in controlled settings.

Confirmation is the culmination of participation in religious school as a student, and a required step if a student wishes to make the transition to becoming a Madrikh (classroom assistant) in the CAS Religious School.

At CAS, confirmation is a year-long study process for 10th graders, typically concluding in a Friday night confirmation service. The capstone is a week-long Jewish history and culture immersion trip to New York City.