High Holy Days

Services will be held both online (via Zoom) and in person. See below for the service schedule, and information on how to participate.

Register here for seats at in-person services. See below for guidelines and expectations.

Register here for access to Zoom services.

List of Services (open to change based upon medical developments)
All services will be both in-person and online via Zoom unless otherwise noted.
Saturday, Sept. 128:30 PMSelichotprayer book
Friday, Sept. 186 PMErev Rosh Hashanacomplete machzor
Saturday, Sept. 199 AM1st Day Rosh Hashanacomplete machzor
Saturday, Sept. 196 PMMincha/Maarivcomplete machzor
Sunday, Sept. 209 AM2nd Day Rosh Hashanacomplete machzor
Sunday, Sept. 204:30 PMTashlichin-person only
Sunday, Sept. 206 PMMincha/Maarivcomplete machzor
Sunday, Sept. 271 PMKever Avot (at Cemetery)in-person only
Sunday, Sept. 277 PMKol Nidrecomplete machzor
Monday, Sept. 289 AMYom Kippur with Yizkor Servicecomplete machzor
Monday, Sept. 285 PMAdditional Yizkor
Monday, Sept. 286 PMMincha/Neilacomplete machzor
Monday, Sept. 288 PMSounding of the Shofarcomplete machzor
Friday, Oct. 26 PMErev Sukkotcomplete siddur
Saturday, Oct. 39 AMSukkotcomplete siddur

Register here for seats at in-person services. See below for guidelines and expectations.

Register here for access to Zoom services.

Information Regarding In-Person Services

September 1, 2020

Dear Members of Congregation Ahavath Sholom,

I hope you are all safe and healthy. We are looking forward to spending the High Holy Days with you virtually and in person. Since we are ready to welcome a limited number of people into the shul for services, I want to be sure our expectations and guidelines are clearly before you as you make your own best decision about attending.

All services will be held in the Barnett Sanctuary. In light of our new normal, please bring your personal tallit and kippah for use in services. Attendance is limited to those who have pre-registered by contacting the office and/or completing the registration form presented in a special email sent from the CAS office.

Because of the physical distance needed to ensure the six-foot minimum distancing, we will have assigned seating. Assigned seating is NOT reserved seating. We cannot ensure that your usual seating choice is open or available. Although we will do our best to seat you close to your regular place, we cannot seat all the folks from three rows into the one row open. Because of the seating limitations, we are asking that only six (6) members of a family register to attend a single service. We will work to ensure that every member family that requests to attend in-person services be offered the opportunity. That said, you may be seated at one service but not a second, if you have requested such.

Only those who have become a b'nai mitzvah or older may attend services in person. Those in at-risk populations are encouraged to worship at home. CAS does not assume liability or responsibility for your health and cannot assure you that you will not contract the coronavirus. Your safety is most important. We suggest everyone read and follow the CDC guidelines and take actions you feel appropriate.

Here is our checklist of expectations:

We are using these measures for the safety of our congregation. We know all of you understand and will cordially abide by these guidelines.

Following services, the Barnett Sanctuary will be cleaned and prepared for its next use. The restrooms, of course, will be sanitized prior to and between services.

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur this year are different than anything our congregation has ever attempted. When you come, our hope is you can embrace the spirituality of the occasion. For the part of our congregation "zooming" in, we are also working diligently to deliver to you spiritual and meaningful holiday services.

Stay Safe,

Pattie Wood, Administrator
Rich Hollander, President