Pesach: Learning and Resources

Shalom. We hope that you find this guide helpful as you prepare. Despite the need for us to connect with loved ones and friends online and not in person, it is still possible to make this Passover one that is filled with connection to those we love, meaningful learning, inspiring prayer, joy, celebration and fun.

Chag Sameach to you and your family!
Rabbi Andrew Bloom and Hazzan Jeffrey Weber

In this guide, you will find information to help you prepare for Passover especially in this unusual year wherein we are experiencing a pandemic. In it, you will find:

Info on preparing for Pesach
What's different this year
Info and resources for your Seder - including Haggadot, songs, family resources, and supplemental readings

Preparing for Pesach

What Is Different When Pesach Begins on Saturday Night?

For information on what to do differently this Thursday (3/25), Friday (3/26), and Saturday (3/27), click here.

For Your Seder

Here are some links to helpful guides you can use to plan the perfect online Seder!


Seder Melodies in a YouTube Playlist

Siddur Audio has recording of all the Passover Melodies for your Seder

Passover Seder Songs for Families - sung by Hazzan Weber

Kadesh Urchatz

Seder Plate

Bang, Bang, Bang

Where is Baby Moses?

Oh Listen (King Pharoah)

Frog Song

Avadim Hayinu


Afikomen Chant

Thank you, Thank you

Eliahu Hanavi (Miriam Haneviah)

Hallelu (Hodu LaShem)

LeShana Haba'ah

Guides to Running an Online Seder

Alma – How to Host a Virtual Seder

Family and Youth Resources

Ten Untraditional Ways to Make Passover Fun for Kids

Five Ways to Keep Kids Engaged at Seder

PJ Library: The Passover Story in 10 Scenes

Study Material and Commentaries

Passover Resources from the Jewish Theological Seminary

Passover Learning and Resources from Hadar

Al Hatorah's extensive interactive Commentary on the Haggadah

Essays on Passover from the Shalom Hartman institute

Passover Webinars from the Rabbinical Assembly – Scroll to bottom

Supplemental Readings

Five Seder Supplements from JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Readings on refugees, LGBTQ, human trafficking, sexual assault on campus and racism

Passover Haiku Collection


Feast of Freedom Haggadah – Published by the Rabbinical Assembly, this well-known and popular Haggadah created for Conservative Judaism is available this year only as a PDF.

A Different Night Haggadah – This extremely popular Haggadah was produced by the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. They have offered this special condensed version as a PDF for this year only.

Sephardic Haggadah – Traditional Sephardic Haggadah text in Hebrew and English.

The Jewbelong Haggadah – Published by, whose tagline is Jewbelong: for when you feel you don't. A very hip, funky, fun, modern take on the Haggadah that makes it very relevant for our times.

VELVETEEN RABBI'S HAGGADAH – This Haggadah was created by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat who is the author of the popular Torah and spirituality blog, The Velveteen Rabbi ( A modern, reflective, spiritual Seder text.

Jewish Federations of North America Haggadah – Beautifully laid out, English and Hebrew. No commentary.

Jewish Educational Haggadah – This Haggadah contains full transliteration (phonetic pronunciation in English letters) of the Hebrew as well as commentary and discussion. – lots of very cool themes, including Children's, Family, Women's, GLBT, Minimalist, Illustrated, Famous Quotes and More. All beautifully illustrated and with Clips of readings and other additions you can use to customize.

PJ LIBRARY HAGGADAH FOR KIDS – Beautifully illustrated and worded, perfect for families. You must fill out a form on this page to download.

Friends, please note that although we will not be celebrating Passover in our shul building, the sharing and celebration of Passover within the guidelines, suggestions, and resources above will help build community even without the temporary use of our communal building. We are reminded to "rejoice in your feast" (Deuteronomy 16:14) and it is our hope that we can rejoice in the festival of Passover even within the circumstances we find ourselves in today. Just as the Israelites went from slavery to freedom, may we soon experience out own Exodus from COVID-19 to health and normalcy.